Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to find keywords to target

A lot of people (including me) struggle to find keywords that are good to target. So, I decided to make this article to show you some simple ways you can find keywords to target. I hope you find this useful and enjoy.

Google Suggest

This tool is easy, effective and free! Google, is a very clever search engine and wants you to find good relative content. When you type in a word (for example cats) it comes up with all different long tail keywords that are related to that subject. In this case it come up with: "cats for protection" and "cats for sale". It does mention other keywords, however those were the 2 main ones. This tells you what people search for and gives you a good idea of what to target. If you the type "cats for sale", it will then suggest even more keywords. You can keep doing this until you find a good keyword phrase to target.


Semrush is a great tool for analyzing competitors websites and keywords. At the click of a button, it can tell you the keywords and website is ranking for, for mobile and desktop. It is great if you need some insight into keywords to target and you can analyse thriving websites so you know the data is authentic. You can also find where the websites are getting backlinks from and you can copy those as well.

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is available to anyone with a google ad words account. It is highly accurate as the results come from google themselves and they know there search engine better than anyone else. It tells you keywords, how much they are searched for and the average price if you were to buy clicks for that particular keyword.

Copy other peoples keywords

Find a website that is ranking highly in the search engines for a good keyword. This can be done with semrush (or another website analyzing software/website.) Alternatively you can type in a keyword you would like to rank for. Then, scout out the competition, see how many words there article has (with a word counter) look at there images, layout, design and think if you can match any of that. If you can't, find another keyword and see if you can beat that, if you can then follow this simple method called The skyscraper SEO strategy.

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