The skyscraper SEO strategy


Today I have a great SEO strategy to share with you! I have done a lot of research and I stumbled across this SEO strategy. This SEO strategy is about making better quality articles than your competitors. I will go over this method step by step and trust me this method is really easy. Just in case your wondering what this SEO strategy is called, it is called the "Skyscraper SEO technique".

Step One: Research

This step it very simple! This step is all about finding content that ranks high for your target keyword. You would then search it in google and see what comes up. I recommend using this strategy for less competitive keywords, before you look at the competitive keywords. So just as an example, if your keyword was "how to keep healthy", you would google this keyword and have a look what other people have written.
google search

Step Two: Creating something better

So, now you know what ranks well for your target keyword, you need to create something better! To do this I recommend you use one of these 3 strategys.

Make your content thorough- Now there is a fine line between thorough and rambling! But this method speaks for itself. The better you explain something, the more you can write and the more you right the better your content is (as long as it's quality of course.)

Content updating- This strategy is a great way to rank your content with minimal effort. All you have to do is find content that ranks high in google, that is old and create a fresh piece of content! Google will see that your content is new and it could quite possibly rank your content high.

Better designing- This is another great way to make something better than your competition! Does your competitor's content lack information? Not enough pictures and diagrams? Has spelling errors/ doesn't make sense? All of these things can help you create a piece of content that is way better than your opponents.
Image of design

Step 3: content marketing

There are a million different ways to do this. However, I will be covering (in my opinion) the best content marketing strategy. This is called "email outreach". A lot of people struggle to use email outreach effectively, this is because they go to unrelated website and blogs and beg for links. This will not work! You have to have a look at websites and blogs, that are within your niche, or a related niche, and ask for a link. Bellow you can find an example of a good email, you can copy this email and replace the (your keyword) with your keyword. Also, this email has a 15% conversion rate, so it is definitely a good template to use.

Hi Dave

I was reading some of the articles on your site and I cam across your article about (your keyword)

Great Stuff!

I couldn't help but notice you linked to that classic article of (your keyword)

I also love that resource!

In fact, it inspired me to create a more thorough and up to date version. Here is a link in case you want to check it out.

It might be worth a mention in your article.

Either way keep up the good work!

Other marketing methods

I have mentioned the email marketing method, so now I am going to go over a few other marketing methods.
Google plus: Google plus is a great way to market your content to a niche related audience. All you have to do is join some communities and share your content. You can get around 0-200 page views per share with this method.
Face Book: All you need to do is make a facebook page and share it on other social media platforms and boom, lots of new members. With these members, all you have to do is share your content to them and you have a decent amount of new page views.
Directories: In my opinion, using free directories can be a good way to get your content indexed, and get you a nice amount of new page views.

PPC: Pay per click or PPC, is a great way to advertise effectively if you have some spare cash in your pocket! You can use twitter, face book, ad words and many more.

content marketing image


The skyscraper SEO strategy is a quick and easy way to get your content ranking in google. In my opinion, the best thing about this strategy is the fact that you can customise the strategy a lot! You can use your own marketing methods, research tactics and creativity! I hope you like this method and please let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow!


  1. I hope you find this strategy useful (:

  2. Wouldn't you want to follow your own advice and pack this site with content? How is one page better than the competition?

    1. i see your point i am currently in the process of putting content on my website. To make better content simply type in your keyword/phrase see what other people have written and beat it. it could be better designed more depth etc.