Thursday, 19 January 2017

Black Hat SEO: Never use these strategies

In this article, I am going to explain: what black hat Search engine optimisation is, some black hat strategies, why you should never use black hat SEO and a couple other things. Firstly, black hat is an unethical Search engine optimisation strategy. It uses clever tricks to give your website an extra SEO boost! However, black hat Search engine optimisation is extremely bad and it upsets the search engines. The search engines may blacklist your site or give it a lower ranking. In other words, NEVER use black hat SEO.

Why you should never use Black Hat SEO 

As previously mentioned, black hat SEO is unethical SEO. From this, you can probably gather that it is a very risky and bad thing to use. Black Hat SEO is very tempting because of its short term success. However, in the long run using black hat SEO techniques is very risky. That said, this won't put a lot of people off. The following strategies are to be avoided!

Paid Links- Paid links are very risky but quite easy to pull off! Paid links are also hard to track down, however, it is recommended that you build white hat Search engine optimisation links via guest posting, directories etc. Paid links are used a lot because they promise good results. Use paid links with caution!

Comment Spamming- This strategy is very interesting because most black hat Search engine optimisation strategies are useful and this one is not. Almost 100% of links from spam are no-follow and therefore offer no extra SEO juice. This is also very annoying for other users on the site and you will get your site a bad reputation.

Duplicate Content- Not only is this strategy possible copyright, but it is very hard to index duplicate content. It is also extremely hard to get duplicate content to rank as google knows that the content is duplicate. Personally, I don't see the point in this and you might as well put in a bit of extra effort and write your own content. You will make more money and get better rankings.

Article Spinning- This is very similar to duplicate content, but instead of using the actual copied text, you put the article through some software that re-words the article for you. This strategy is getting more popular, as it is easier to pull off. People also re-word their own articles so they can post the same thing twice!

Keyword Stuffing- Stuffing your content full of keywords to the point it becomes illegible. This technique used to be used all the time, but now the search engine can spot this in a few seconds. Making it a very risky and unrewarding technique.

Invisible Text- This technique involves putting text on your web pages that is the same colour as your background. This makes it invisible to the reader. However, search engines will see the text and rank you higher for that keyword. This strategy is very common and therefore, search engine (especially google) will spot it in no time.

Gate-Way Pages- Also know as "bridge pages", these pages are therefore one reason only, to redirect you to another page. Gate way pages are set up to rank high for keywords and when a user clicks on it, they are instantly sent to another website.


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